Thanksgiving Post

For those who toil during the day, tending the light of civilization in ways unseen; to those whose work knows no set schedule, who stand ready to shoulder the wheel from sun to sun; to all whose lives have a purpose greater than self-gratification, who lift us up with them as they climb; and lastly but far from least, for those who stand far from civilization’s light, who keep watch from the dusty wasteland to the green hell, from the river’s mouth to the oceans green and blue, we give thanks that our lives may continue, largely, miraculously, in peace.

For all the blessings I forgot to mention or haven’t noticed yet, I give thanks as well (in blissful, but acknowledged, ignorance).

May each of you and yours be well, eat your fill and in this know full well the fortune that we all have in this life, meek or strong, we are Odd, and that is good. Take care, folks. Appreciate ya.

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