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To start at the beginning, click here. Bob Lasceau needed a drink. It had been a long shift. The suddenness of going from EVA retrieval straight to combat maneuvers was a shock he could have done without. It was damned... Continue Reading →

Totally Not Dead, I promise.

*blows the dust off the blog*   Been a while, ain't it?  Yes, yes it has.  The long hiatus had [reasons].  Nothing spectacular or dreadful really, just life and all that entails.  New things are in the works, as are... Continue Reading →

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Updates are in process, but not complete.  It's not the typos, it's the exploding sewer lines, vehicle breakdowns, and varicolored other little details that get ya.  If all goes well, there will be new posts this weekend (one of them... Continue Reading →

Scouting for a post

Sorry folks.  I don't mean to leave a cliffhanger, but The Last Scout is going to be delayed again.  Paying work needs to take priority.  I *will* get back to writing as soon as I can. -Dan

Signpost goes here: The Lady of Frogs

This is a placeholder.  Holm et. al. are currently unavoidably delayed.  Once the author gets back to his work, things can get back on schedule.    -Dan   This shows a bit of Holm’s younger years. It’s a mostly complete... Continue Reading →

The Last Scout II

To start at the beginning, click here. Trap Starships were only quiet in death. They groaned, clicked, creaked, and hummed.  Air handlers, fuel pumps, drive machinery, the breathing of other human beings... Some people never got used to the constant... Continue Reading →

Honor and Duty

Of Knights and Mice There was a mouse sitting on his horse. As it seemed to be the day for odd happenings, Holm did not, as was his first instinct, shoo it away. The rodent was staring at him. Intently,... Continue Reading →

The Last Scout

It was a small ship. Petite, even, measured against the mighty bulk of her sisters in death. Huge battleships, kilometers long, holding tens of thousands of souls as they lived and tried to hold back the tide that would eventually... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Post

For those who toil during the day, tending the light of civilization in ways unseen; to those whose work knows no set schedule, who stand ready to shoulder the wheel from sun to sun; to all whose lives have a... Continue Reading →

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